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Why Foundation Repair Pittsburgh Is
Important For Your Home

The foundation is the most important part of your home! It holds up the structure of your house, of course, but it does much more. A good foundation prevents movement, insulates your home against cold, and prevents moisture from seeping in. Your foundation is the base of everything else– so when something goes wrong, everything else in your home can be impacted.

Over the years, the foundation of any home will begin to settle. This is especially true in Pittsburgh, where the hills can cause more water pressure than in flat areas. Some settling is common in an older house. However, any major shifts in the appearance or structure of your foundation need to be repaired as soon as possible!

Professional foundation repair Pittsburgh can expertly repair gaps and cracks in your basement and prevent the problems from getting worse in the future. Taking action now will protect the investment you’ve made in your home! You can also visit our About page to learn more about our foundation repair company.

Not sure if you need professional foundation repair Pittsburgh? Take a good look at your basement. There are some telltale signs of foundation damage:

  • Doors and windows that normally latch easily are suddenly hard to close
  • There are cracks in the floor or walls (especially over doors or where walls meet ceilings and floors)
  • Support beams in your basement sagging with stress
  • Walls leaning in at the top
  • Concrete easily chipping away when jabbed with a screwdriver (a sign that the concrete may have been diluted with dirt, sand, or water)

If you notice any of these changes, it’s time to call your local professional foundation repair contractors Pittsburgh PA. Not all foundation damage is obvious. We’ll bring a professional with honest assessment eye to any hidden problems. Remember, the foundation of your home holds everything else together.

Take care of your foundation today, and ensure your earthquake retrofitting project is done to have your foundation holding your home or business up for years to come! Contact Premier Waterproofing Group today for a great job and quality work done!

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Sign of Foundation Issues

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Causes of Foudation Issues

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If you need foundation repair Pittsburgh, call Premier Waterproofing Group! Our experienced foundation repairs salesperson will evaluate what kind of stabilization your foundation needs. They’ll explain the extent of the damage and the plan of attack to level, repair, or restabilize your home’s damaged foundation.  Next, a crew of professional foundation repair experts will perform the repair. We’ll use materials and techniques depending on the extent of the damage. For more minimal cracks and bowing, we use carbon fiber straps to support walls under pressure.

We use galvanized steel wall anchors to repair bowing over 2” while still being minimally invasive. For the most severe damage, steel support beams may prevent needing to replace the entire foundation. No matter the extent of the damage, you’ll get matchless expertise, high-quality equipment, and fantastic customer service from start to finish. We’re dedicated to making permanent repairs, so you know it will last a lifetime.

As always, our products and foundation repair Pittsburgh comes with a transferable lifetime warranty. Rest assured, the job will be done right the first time, finished on schedule and done for the best price in town. Give Premier Waterproofing Group a call today to protect your home’s foundation for years to come!

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