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Exterior French Drain Pittsburgh

If you’re noticing flooding or standing water in your basement, an exterior French drain is a way to go. This option removes standing groundwater from the perimeter of your foundation before it has a chance to soak into the concrete.

First, an exterior drainage system is your most effective option for preventing water infiltration. Unlike a trench drain, which redirects surface water, a French drain Pittsburgh redirects water that has already sunk into the soil around your home’s foundation. 

Exterior drains are the most effective method of redirecting water away from your home, but they also require the biggest investment of time and work. Installing an exterior French drain Pittsburgh requires excavating the soil around your foundation. Our work crew will work to be mindful of other underground items such as gas, sewage, and water lines as we dig.

Exterior French drains protect the foundation of your home by collecting water in the drain tile. When rain or snow seeps into the ground, a French drain directs this groundwater away from the building before it enters. A French drain is installed by excavating a trench around the perimeter of your home. Next, a plastic, PVC, or ABS or perforated pipe is placed at the bottom of the trench. This pipe contains small perforations that allow water (but not gravel or rock) inside. The rest of the trench is filled with rock, pebbles, and gravel that help filter out bigger sediments. Finally, the trench is covered in regular soil. The final effect is that water filters into the drain. This water is either redirected from your house using a sump pump or using gravity if your home is on a steep enough slope.

If you’re considering one of our French drain Pittsburgh solutions, give Premier Waterproofing Group a call today! One of our experienced salespeople will walk you through these considerations during your free estimate.

Benefits of an Exterior French Drain

French drain Pittsburgh is an investment and requires some extra planning. However, there are some serious benefits to this powerful drainage system! Understanding the benefits can help you decide if this is the right choice for your home.

First, an exterior French drain is the most effective method of redirecting groundwater from your foundation walls. Unlike interior drains, the water will be redirected before it even seeps into the concrete in your foundation. This protects against not only flooding and cracks, but also water stains, mold, mildew, and foundation settling.

Next, a French drain can make a major difference in the texture of your yard. If you currently have a soggy, mossy lawn, a French drain can ensure it drains properly. A French drain can make a big difference if you’re hoping to host barbeques or play catch with your kids in the backyard!

Finally, under the right circumstances installing an exterior French drain Pittsburgh can be relatively straightforward. If your home has no porch or gas lines in the way, French drain installation is less expensive. In addition, it doesn’t require special equipment like a jackhammer.

If your home has no structures to work around, an interior French drain or exterior French drain could be simple and less expensive. Contact us today!

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