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Maintaining your sidewalks, driveway, patios, and garage floors is a huge step in maintaining the value of your home! Choose Premier Waterproofing Group as your Pittsburgh concrete contractors to get the best value around. Whether your concrete is cracked or you simply want to seal it, our concrete contractors got you covered– at the best price.

Our concrete contractors are highly trained in concrete repair. All concrete cracks begin the same way. Uneven soil under the concrete (due to erosion, freeze/thaw cycles, or drought) causes uneven pressure, resulting in a crack. Repairing cracked concrete improves its appearance, but it also protects it from future damage.

Closing the crack prevents erosion or flooding from getting worse and creating more expensive damage. Each concrete contractor Pittsburgh PA has the experience and equipment to get your patio or driveway looking and performing its best! Ensure you get the best price in town by scheduling a free estimate on your concrete construction with Premier Waterproofing Group today!

Our expert concrete contractors also offer concrete sealing services and other concrete projects. Over time, pits, flakes, and stains can tarnish the appearance of concrete structures, leaving them dull and dingy. Worse, pitted, flaky concrete is also vulnerable to additional water damage.

Invest in the future of your home by protecting your concrete. The right sealant can improve the life of your concrete by 3-5 times! Our sealant can be applied to any concrete structure to keep it smooth, durable, and looking its best. 

If you need our concrete repair Pittsburgh or any concrete services, or if you want to protect your concrete with sealant, contact Premier Waterproofing Group today to schedule a free estimate. All of our work and materials come with a lifetime transferable warranty to ensure a permanent solution.

Your beautiful concrete patios, floor, or concrete driveway will add to the value of your home for years to come! Visit our About page to learn more about our top concrete contractors, concrete work, decorative concrete, concrete driveways, concrete replacement, concrete patio, and company.

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concrete contractor pittsburgh pa
concrete contractor pittsburgh pa
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Premier Waterproofing Group uses the most current advances in technology to repair concrete cracks! Our approach depends on the extent of the damage. Generally, a concrete contractor Pittsburgh PA will first drill the cracks, then insert a backer rod to control the amount of sealant used. Next, the crack or joint will be filled with our flexible, durable sealant.

The backer rod acts as a backstop during application. Once the sealant is applied, we add sand or grit to ensure the repaired concrete looks uniform. Your finished project will be smooth, durable, and protected from the elements!


Premier also specializes in sealing new or existing concrete structures. We use proprietary material that protects against future pits and flakes in just one application.

During application, this sealant penetrates the porous concrete and creates a permanent bond. This molecular bonding will protect your concrete from damaging water, dirt, ice, and UV rays for years to come.

Think you don’t have the time? Your patio, driveway, or sidewalk won’t be out of commission for long! Our sealant dries quickly and cures in a matter of hours so you can get back to your life.

If the concrete in your life needs some love, make Premier Waterproofing Group the first concrete contractor Pittsburgh PA on your list. 

You can also visit our Foundation Repair Pittsburgh page to know more about our other services!

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