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Do you have water damage ruining your home or business? It’s time to turn to the professionals at Premier Waterproofing Group for all your  Pleasant Hills waterproofing needs. When you need basement waterproofing or foundation repairs, call in a trusted local expert to get the job done right. Hundreds of happy customers right here in the greater Pleasant Hills area will be happy to vouch for us! You can also visit our About page to know more about our company. Protecting your home against water damage is crucial. Whether it’s hidden damage or a drainage issue, water can ruin your belongings and cause hazardous mold to grow. Our foundation repair Pleasant Hills services will protect your home inside and out.

When it comes to protecting the time, money, and work you’ve invested in your home, nothing is more important than getting the job done right the first time. Our four expert crews, strong training, and years of know-how will ensure that your home is fully protected with our keystone basement systems and within budget and on schedule. Take it from a company that knows the trade inside and out– don’t take your chances on an expensive “quick fix,” only to find down the line that a mistake or poor craftsmanship left your home vulnerable to further damage.

First, your estimate will always be free. Give us a call today to schedule your free estimate and free inspection with one of our expert tradesmen! We’ll set up an estimate within 24 hours. All of our salespeople are also trained tradesmen and work on projects when they’re not on a sale. None of them work on commission. This ensures you’ll be recommended the services you need at the right price!

Next, our four crews of expert tradesmen are ready to take on whatever challenge your home is facing! Our services include waterproofing, foundation repair, installing pressure relief systems, French drain Pleasant Hills repair, and more. Finally, all of our internal systems and foundation work is covered with a lifetime transferable warranty, ensuring you won’t waste time, effort, and money on a quick fix that doesn’t last.

Now is the time to fix that wet basement issue. Even if you’ve had only minor water intrusion over a period of a few years, it could easily turn into a flooded basement. When water penetration happens, it doesn’t just go away on its own– and it almost always gets worse and worse over time. If you’ve been putting off basement waterproofing Pleasant Hills services, now is the time to trust our Pleasant Hills waterproofing contractors.

Call Premier Waterproofing Group today and join hundreds of satisfied customers.

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How Our Basement
Waterproofing Pleasant Hills
Service Works

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Over the years, even the best-laid plans can go awry. Are you a homeowner noticing damp sections of your basement floor? Emptying your basement dehumidifier every day?

Spotting water stains on the walls of your downstairs workshop? It’s time to call the basement waterproofing Pleasant Hills experts for a free estimate! 

In some cases, there aren’t even visible signs of water damage until there’s already a major expensive issue. Protect the investment you’ve made in your family home or place of business by getting professional waterproofing services!

Whether you’re finally getting around to addressing that wet basement Pleasant Hills or just looking to rest easy knowing your home is safe from water intrusion, make 2021 the year you call Premier Waterproofing Group! 

There are plenty of options for a quick and cheap do-it-yourself, but when it comes to the future of the foundation of your home or business, it’s extremely important to call in the professionals. We can ensure the project will be done with high-quality products, trained and experienced tradesmen, and expert techniques.

Whatever service your home requires, calling in the top waterproofing contractors will protect against future damage as well. You’ll have a waterproofing Pleasant Hills job done right that you can count on for years to come (instead of a band-aid that will cause more headaches down the line).

A salesperson skilled in the trade will give you a free estimate for the services they recommend for your basement flooding or other specific situation. Premier Waterproofing Group is trained to provide all of the following services to protect your basement floor:

  • Basement Wall Waterproofing
  • Basement Floor Waterproofing
  • Exterior Basement Waterproofing
  • Foundation Waterproofing
  • Drainage Systems
  • Sump Pumps
  • Coatings
  • Sealants
  • And Much More!

Water intrusion, leaks, flooding, and mold can become serious liabilities to your home and your belongings. Trust Premier Waterproofing Group is extremely professional to bring you a lasting solution at the best price! You can also visit our About page to know more about our company.Pleasant Hills

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Pleasant Hills Drains

With Premier Waterproofing Group, you have a variety of options for drains to protect your home against water damage, mold, and foundation cracks.

All drains work by collecting surface water or groundwater and redirecting it away from your home. The final destination is somewhere the water can be dispersed safely, and we will do so with any of our drainage solutions– interior drains, exterior drains or sub-soil drains.

First, your most effective option for preventing water infiltration is exterior drain systems. These can either be a trench drain, which redirects surface water, or a French drain Pleasant Hills, which redirects groundwater. Exterior drains are the most effective method of basement waterproofing Pleasant Hills, but they are also the most expensive. Keep in mind that installing an exterior or sub-soil drain requires excavating the soil around your foundation. You’ll need to be mindful of other underground items such as gas, sewage, and waterlines.

Next, interior drains to protect your home by draining water that has entered through the concrete walls of your basement. Drains can be installed underneath your basement floor. They use gravity or a sump pump to remove water from the basement and drain it away from the house. Interior drains are less expensive, and they are also convenient because they don’t require excavation around your home’s perimeter.

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Solid Foundation Repair Pleasant Hills

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Here in Pittsburgh, the hilly landscape means many of our homes are on inclines where snow and rain runoff can create a real headache! This kind of excess water can cause major problems for your home’s foundation over the years. If you’re a Pittsburgh-area homeowner noticing gaps in your basement floors; cracks in your basement walls; stressed basement support beams; or inward-leaning walls, it’s time to call in the professionals for your foundation repair.

Over the years, the foundation of any home will begin to settle, especially if it’s had any water infiltration. Though some settling is common in an older house, any major shifts in the appearance or structure of your foundation need to be repaired! Foundation repair Pleasant Hills can expertly repair gaps and cracks in your basement and prevent the problems from getting worse in the future. Taking action now will protect the investment you’ve made in your home!

Despite our name, we do more than just waterproofing. If you need foundation repair, call Premier Waterproofing Group for a free estimate and to evaluate what kind of foundation leveling, tiering, or stabilization your home requires. Our trained tradesmen are ready to assist you with a plan of attack to level, repair, or restabilize your home’s damaged foundation.

No matter what repair strategy you require, this group of foundation contractors Pleasant Hills PA ensures you’ll get matchless expertise, high-quality equipment, and fantastic customer service from start to finish. And as always, our products and repairs come with a transferable lifetime warranty so you can rest easy.

We have your best interests and your home’s best interests in mind. You’ll feel great knowing that your Pleasant Hills waterproofing job will be done right the first time, finished on schedule, and done for the best price in town. Give us a call today to make a plan to repair and protect your home’s foundation for years to come!

Concrete Contractor Pleasant Hills

Whether it’s a garage floor, sidewalk, driveway, or patio, the concrete in and around your home is important! While concrete is incredibly strong, it can still sustain damage and wear.

Maybe the summer rains washed out the soil from under your porch, causing it to crack. Maybe the changes in temperature have left pits, flakes, or stains on your patio as it freezes and thaws. No matter the damage, the concrete contractors Pleasant Hills at Premier Waterproofing Group have you covered! Our four crews of expert tradesmen offer services to repair and seal your home’s concrete!

All cracks are formed in the same general way. For whatever reason (weather, erosion, drought), the soil underneath the concrete is uneven. When pressure is applied (like driving a car over it), the concrete cracks under the pressure where it’s not supported by soil. And to make matters worse, a crack in concrete tends to become worse over time because it’s letting in more water. Rather than risking a haphazard DIY job that could result in more damage to your driveway or patio, call in the concrete contractor Pleasant Hills PA experts to get the job done right!

We also offer concrete sealing services! Invest in the future of your home by protecting your concrete. Moisture causes pits, flakes, stains, and even large cracks. You can more than triple the life of your concrete with the right Pleasant Hills waterproofing solution. Our sealant can be applied to any concrete structure to keep it smooth, durable, and looking its best.

If you need concrete repairs, or if you want to protect your concrete with sealant, call Premier Waterproofing Group today to schedule a free estimate! All of our work and materials come with a lifetime transferable warranty. Rest easy knowing that your concrete (and the value of your home!) will be protected.

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